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Meadows GroundBreaking Photo:
Meadows Groundbreaking

2015 Approved Annual PHA Plan

The Atlantic City Housing Authority Celebrates 75 Years of Public Housing

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All Public Housing and Section 8 Waitlists are closed at this time.

Homeownership Program Application

Mission Statement

The ACHAURA is committed to providing quality lease and for-sale housing opportunities by educating, training and assisting families to become self sufficient. Additionally, we strive to support and empower individuals and families, promote independence through recognition of personal responsibility, encourage healthy behaviors while reducing social problems, provide services of value to taxpayers and strengthen the quality of life of residents of ACHA and Section 8 through workforce development and a network of supportive services. We will make these services available to individuals and families, either in-house or through a network of partnerships with public and private agencies, which will include medical and financial assistance, child care, transportation, housing assistance, substance abuse and/or mental health assessment and treatment, adult literacy education, and senior citizen programs. We will accomplish our goals through the talent and commitment of our dedicated staff who, working in teams, will utilize the latest technological advances. We pledge to establish and maintain a well-trained internal work force whose focus will be customer-directed and fostered by an environment of honesty, dignity and integrity. We will practice sound fiscal management practices as protectors of American tax dollars. We will be leaders in strengthening the quality of life for all public housing and Section 8 residents.

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